Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dorsal Fin Blog - Shucking Media Oysters

When you "shuck oysters," you take the sharp point of an oyster knife and work it on the back end of an oyster until you find the "sweet spot."

Once you have found that spot you are generally rewarded with a satisfying pop, when the meaty inside of the oyster is revealed to all.

That's what new blue blogger Dorsal Fin does with mainstream media and sharks - poking at media hysteria to reveal the meaty inside of the story.

The Dorsal Fin Blog has impressed us from it's inception a few months ago. With its stark mandate "Shark News…without the sensationalism" this blog is a much needed addition to the world of shark news coverage.

Welcome Dorsal Fin, if this weeks blog post is anything like the next 2000, the world of shark media will soon change...for the better.

Shark Free Marinas Initiative - Puerto Rico

Congratulations to Palmas Del Mar Yacht Club for going "shark free" this month.

Our first marina in Puerto Rico registered last week, the Palmas Del Mar Yacht Club, a new 163 slip facility with regional industry leadership in mind.

You can find out about their marina at the website: palmasdelmaryachtclub.com

Sail into a paradise as rich as the open sea in our new Yacht Club and Megayacht Marina. Our new Yacht Club is the only state-of-the-art Marina in the Caribbean linked to a complete resort community. Come aboard and be one of the first to reserve one of the 152 slips designed to serve yachts from 50 to 125 feet long.

The Yacht Club is also being designed with side tie mega-slips reserved for transient mega-yachts of up to 175 feet.

Are you a marina owner/manager? Follow their example and register your facility with Shark-Free Marinas today.

Want to get involved with SFMI? Visit our Regional Ambassadors page for more info.