Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sharkin' - Bling Style, Yo!

Another reason to subscribe to the Chum Slick Blog. Some might call this a "time suck" we call it "Gold Standard You Tube":

Guy Harvey - The Future, One Tag at a Time

Here is the quote of the month from Guy Harvey returning from a recent hybrid shark diving and research trip to Tiger Beach, Bahamas aboard the Gulf Stream Eagle:

''We should tag every one of these animals to see where they go,'' Harvey said. ``The ultimate would be to have the species protected or -- if not -- this area of the Bahama Bank could be [designated] no shark fishing. This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a 20-year study where we involve the Bahamian government, researchers from various institutions [and] dive operators.''

A concise reading of the future of commercial shark diving and of shark conservation. Some operators have come to understand and accept this future, some have even embraced it with local conservation and science initiatives that return much needed tracking data for conservation.

Tiger Beach, Bahamas is at a crossroads. It is impressive that industry leaders are now coming forth to set the conservation agenda, leveraging partnerships with research and tourism to seek a better future for one of the worlds most remarkable shark sites. Kudos.

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