Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What is happening at Guadalupe Island?

We just came back from our first expedition to Guadalupe Island. It was, what can I say, phenomenal!. We saw over 20 different sharks, with both familiar and new faces. I’m happy to say that Jacques, Bite Face, Johnny, Thor, Squire, Gunther and #148 are all back, safe and sound.

Jacques and Criss Cross

Criss Cross, who we haven’t seen in a few years also showed up, missing a big chunk of flesh, in the right pelvic area, but the injury seems fully healed. These sharks seem to have a rough live, but their healing ability is absolutely remarkable.

Criss Cross with new mutilation.
After a flat calm crossing to the Island, the action was non stop on day one. Bite Face and Gunther competing for who can his picture taken more often. One diver ended up taking 7000 pictures in one day!!!

Gunther also showed a new and unusual behavior for a white shark. He came up to the cage, very slowly and proceeded to bite the cage in various places. He was going in slow motion and though it didn’t seem to be a predatory kind of biting, it is just another reminder, that it is definitely a good thing to stay inside the cages, despite what any “expert” says to the contrary.

Think being outside is a good idea?

On day two the action didn’t slow down. It actually got even better. We lost count at 13 different sharks, at least four of them being new individuals, that have not been added to our photo id database.

On our last day, the sharks gave us an unbelievable send off. At least 10 individuals came by to say goodbye to our divers.

We only have a couple of hours, before we leave again on our second "real shark week". I can’t wait to be back down there and introducing a new group of divers to these magnificent creatures.

Martin Graf
Shark Diver

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