Friday, February 8, 2008

Jesus The Shark

The Bible, that dusty old tome from times past has a lot to say about Virgin Births.

The Koran, an equally dusty old tome from times past has a lot to say about Virgin Births as well.

We're curious, what would the Bible and the Koran say about the latest virgin shark birth?

"Imprisoned in a tank hundreds of miles from a mate, Ibolya the female shark resorted to desperate measures. To the astonishment of her keepers, she spontaneously produced a perfectly healthy pup.The virgin birth is making biologists think again about one of the oldest and - in evolutionary terms - most successful creatures."

Here's the whole story and this one's not an Underwater Onion-trust us!

Japan: Whale Slaughter 2008

With the eco-wolves of both Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd out of the Southern Ocean, Japan has begun its "Scientific" whale slaughter in earnest this week.

"Exhausted and disoriented after a ruthless pursuit from high speed chaser ships, the whales caught on film this week were then shot with pointed harpoons, packed with explosives, to cause maximum damage".

Without any anti-whaling groups in the area to keep Japans fleet on the run-images like these featuring a mother Minke and her calf will continue to surface.

As an eco minded shark diving company we would like to point out that these whales are being harvested as premium food source. It's just plain wrong anyway you slice it.

Great White Shark-South Africa

We can file this latest video under WTF!?

According to Ze German News, a 500 kilo (small) great white shark jumped into a tourist boat in South Africa (where else) and the whole thing was caught on tape. Three things come to mind when you watch this video:

1. German newscasters are hot
2. These tourists all look like they are ready to come home
3. Where's the crew?

If this had been our crew they would have grabbed the shark, tossed it back in, and then jumped in with the shark...hey, it's a living: