Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not Quite a "Pandemic" - Mexico

"Pandemic" - a word not used in the major media since WW1 when a swine flu raged around the planet drowning it's victims in less than 72 hours.

The World Health Organization stopped short today of calling Mexico's recent outbreak as a "Pandemic" even though this strain kills and kills fast. While Mexico City is in shutdown mode with children's parties cancelled and bars closed, you may want to consider hand washing protocols for the next few months.

Kansas has four known cases already.

The last great pandemic in 1918 killed an estimated 30 million people.

Cephelapod Use #22 - Brain Booster

Depending who you speak with - and we speak with absolutely everyone, rising squid populations are responsible for fisheries collapses worldwide.

The theory goes something like this:

Sharks (who eat squids) are being killed off leaving an open predatory niche in the worlds oceans. Unfortunately squids reproduce at the rate of millions and without sharks to control populations, swarms of these critters are taking over delicate feeding chains decimating fish stocks...or so this theory goes.

We submit to this theory, mainly because the folks behind it are smarter then we are. So it is with little surprise that researchers at the Council of Agriculture’s Fisheries Research Institute in Taipei have found the brain boosting compound PL-DHA (phospholipid docosahexaenoic acid) in squid skins.


If you want to eradicate anything commercially from the ocean, you need to first come up a with a financial reason to do so, thank you researcher guys in Taipei. Now we can all be a bit smarter while doing the job sharks used to do before we killed them all off...back in our dumber days that is.

Once in a Lifetime Trips - Shark Diver

A stunning new adventure travel book available at at all major book sellers across the USA has a chapter devoted to - shark diving.

Fly-fish in the virgin waters of the Chilean fjords, arriving by helicopter; navigate Alaska on a boat as luxurious as a four-star hotel but small enough to sail where the big cruise ships can’t; embark on a private-jet tour to the great opera houses in Europe with behind-the-scenes passes: experience the classic links of the British Open. Once in a Lifetime Trips is a trove of ideas for travels that are unique, decadent, and off the beaten path.

Shark Diver, your favorite neighbourhood shark diving company, was featured to talk about our shark diving operations at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. The chapter is all about big encounters at remote locations with Great Whites, we're pretty happy with it.

As we're fond of saying around here "If you're going to discover adventure travel, make sure your next adventure stays with you for the rest of your life".