Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chris Ross in Men's Journal 2010

Underwater photographer Chris Ross joined Shark Diver a few seasons ago at Isla Guadalupe, only to return as the primary (and most excellent) photographer for Nat Geo's Expedition Great White.

He's off on the next season shooting sharks, but prior to packing his bags was featured in this month's Men's Journal.

Along the way Chris mentioned Shark Diver as the shark diving company to go with - should you choose to spend a week in the company of sharks.

Thanks Chris, and safe travels...we mean that!

Mision Tiburon joins Migramar

Mision Tiburon Conservationist Association is a Costa Rican nonprofit NGO, whose goal is to promote research, management and conservation of sharks and marine life in our oceans.

Mision Tiburon was officially established in 2009 by young conservationists, who are concerned about the drastic decline of shark populations around the world. The promoters of this group are marine biologists whose have worked in the last years in educational projects and marine researches with sharks, rays and turtles. During these years, they have acquired the experience and the knowledge to lead new marine conservation projects.

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