Friday, August 31, 2012

Can white shark cage diving get any better?

Sea Lion Pup with Shark Photo by Ken Bill
After a pretty nice crossing, we arrived at Guadalupe this morning and started sharking right away. What can I say? Wow, wow, wow!!! doesn't quite describe it. What a day!

14 different sharks, including 2 new ones, a sea lion pup swimming with a shark, a full breach just about 3 ft. from the boat, up to 6 sharks around the cages at once.

Everyone got tons of great pictures. Easily one of the best days at Guadalupe ever!
Day 3 Today things went back to normal.  We had 4 sharks today, but everyone is still talking about yesterday.
"Thor" swimming by the cages! Photo by Ken Bill
Day 4 Another good day, with 3 sharks showing up and another male, that hasn't been seen before at Guadalupe, making an appearance.
Day 5 The awesome shark action was followed by a really smooth trip home. What a perfect trip!

Martin Graf
Dive Operations Manager
Horizon Charters
Shark Diver

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