Friday, March 15, 2013

Behind Blue Glass - Got $5.99 For Some Quality Shark Time?

Of course you do. In fact you will spend on average of $80 on non essential items today that have nothing to do with sharks, or shark conservation, or filing you head with amazing shark video.

That all changes now. 

David Diley (one of the good ones) has released his latest film and yes, you have to pay for it as nothing is free, but it promises to be filled with sharks...and that got our full attention:

"For years some of the largest Great White sharks ever landed, were caught off the coast of Mallorca, sometimes less than one hundred metres from popular tourist beaches. These captures abruptly stopped after the second largest White Shark ever caught was brought back to the dock by fisherman, Xisco Perez. The year was 1976, the year Steven Spielberg's JAWS was released in Spain.

The story has remained largely untold outside of Mallorca until now, David Diley explores why, along the way taking seven unwitting volunteers into the deep, to show how important sharks really are, how shark encounters are actually a positive thing and show the world what is truly at risk.

This was the first film I ever made and features content never before seen on TV, including eyewitness accounts from the people who were there. Behind Blue Glass premiered to a packed room in Portals, Mallorca, in May 2011, after its DVD release earlier that year."

Extra bonus footage provided by Richard Theiss and Lawrence Groth.

Buy it here now before the VIMEO servers crash when the rest of the world comes rushing in.

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