Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BP Oilmegeddon Images - Aquaman Wins!

The search for The Ultimate BP Oilmegeddon Image is over and we have declared a winner.

The Aquaman BP comic book cover now making the rounds is the hands down classic. With small details like the June date in the right hand corner and the 12 cent cover hearkening back to the 1960's and a time when oil and household chemicals were our friends.

To whoever the mystery creator is behind this first rate BP image slam we say a hearty thank you.

Cannot wait until there's a T-shirt available we'll will buy a few dozen for friends and family.

The irony here being that the logo will have to be created out of an oil based product, damn you irony!

World Ocean Day Celebration San Francisco

Sea Stewards is proud to join hundreds of other educational institutions, conservation organizations, and thousands of individuals in dozens of countries around the world to celebrate our shared ocean. World Oceans Day – officially held on June 8th of each year – is an opportunity to celebrate our world ocean and our personal connection to the sea.

The Ocean Project, an international network of over 1,000 aquariums, zoos, museums, and conservation organizations including SEA Stewards, the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary association and the Surfrider Foundation, is working closely with the World Ocean Network to coordinate activities worldwide under the theme “Oceans of Life – Protecting Sharks, Reducing Plastics” with a special focus on getting the public to connect with sharks to conserve the world’s oceans.

To celebrate a healthy San Francisco Bay and Ocean Sea Stewards will host a beach clean up and shark sandcastle building, and a shark party with films, music and fun to follow.

WHEN: June 5th, 2010, Beach Clean up 3 PM, Shark Party 5 PM

WHERE: Beach Event at Crissy Field across from the Sports Basement and Party at the Sports Basement at the Presidio

Great Live Music with My Peoples formerly Kapakahi, drink with Sierra Nevada and Barefoot Wines, pupus, Ocean Films on Plastics and Sharks, Special Sharky Guest. All items 10% off and a percentage goes to the shark program.

WHY:We can help make others more aware of the importance of the world’s ocean in their daily lives by showing them ways to improve their impact on the ocean by, for example, reducing plastics use, and limiting CO2 emissions. In joining with thousands of people all over the world in celebrating World Oceans Day, we can make a real difference for our oceans of life!
David McGuire, Director
Support our Shark Conservation Campaign
"Media for a Healthy Ocean"

ROV's and Enypniastes eximia

Oceaneering has joined the SERPENT (scientific and environmental ROV partnership using existing industrial technology) project to collect images of unknown deep sea creatures and rarely seen organisms, evaluate the offshore drilling environment, and gather sediment samples.

The SERPENT project is a collaboration of scientific partners, institutions, and a network of oil and gas operators and contractors who specialize in utilizing remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The SERPENT Project’s Dr. Daniel Jones confirmed the sea creature to be a deepwater swimming sea cucumber (holothurian) called Enypniastes eximia. When Oceaneering ROV pilots saw the creature they named it “The Headless Chicken Fish,” although it does not have a commonly accepted name.

Secret shark grotto off Western Australia coast near Exmouth

These kind of shark discoveries make sharks folks excited especially when divers come back with brilliant images.

A 31-year-old marine biologist discovered a secret deep-water grotto, seething with 19 grey nurse shark pups, heavily pregnant females and fully-grown males off the coast of Exmouth.

The grey nurse shark mating cave, or aggregation site, is one of the first of its kind to be documented in WA waters.

Ms O'Callaghan got up close and personal with these docile creatures during a 40-minute recreational dive last month. She surfaced with some amazing photos.

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