Monday, May 24, 2010

Gary Stokes Mantas in Peril - Conservation Media

Kudos to Gary Stokes from Oceanic Love for a series of conservation videos featuring the oceans.

Our personal favourite of this well edited series is "Mantas in Peril." First person eco crisis reporting often comes back with parts of the story that few in the wider conservation audience are aware of, such as the Asian market for manta and mobula "gill rakers."

Gary and his team expose this dark market trade in animal parts to the world.

Warning: This video series contains graphic images.

British Petroleum - Fun Activities For Oil Spill

In case you're sick of 24/7 Oilmegedden coverage coming out of the Gulf, here's some fun BP oil related activities for you to do this week.

For instance, we have installed this live video feed from the well head at 5000 feet. Courtesy of BP and branded with their logo, you can watch the unfolding drama live, and even see unfortunate deep water sharks as they blunder into the plume.

Speaking of Logo's

For a more creative outlet this week, Greenpeace is asking for submissions to help redesign BP's logo, guaranteed fun.

You can submit your design here, and these are a few of the submission to date. We are featuring one of the newer logo's uploaded today.

That's it for now. Not much more to report from the Gulf, another 70,000 barrels streaming into the ocean, another day in the life of America's Chernobyl.

Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge - Media Coverage

Ongoing media coverage of the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge which made history this week in Florida: