Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gulf Oil in Marathon, Florida?

Scott Grey from Blue Iguana Charters found this disturbing post yesterday.

A small oil slick off the coast of Marathon Keys, Florida has been found and photographed. Officials now say tar balls found in Florida last week are not from the Gulf oil disaster.

These are the same officials who also say oil leaking from a BP well head is coming out a a rate of 5000 barrels a day, a figure hotly disputed by researchers, NPR and conservation groups.

The images and oil find was posted by Jeremy Foell at Spearboard.com.

The US Coast Guard says oil is "nearing" the Loop Current but has not yet arrived.

BP and Friends Sirring Righteous Anger

British Petroleum's CEO and media friends are stirring righteous anger around the world by downplaying the 10 million square mile Gulf oil spill.

Using phrases like "very modest," and "minor event" we have provided a sample of recent interviews all but guaranteed to stir some righteous anger:

BP's CEO "Very, very modest spill."

Fox News Brit Hume "Where's the oil?"

SharkDiver an Original Series

From What We Do Media SharkDiver production:

A chance discovery of a Great White Shark aggregation site in a remote corner of the planet is the start of an epic journey across the globe as a marine biologist prepares for the ultimate challenge of being the first human to encounter these truly wild carnivores.

Shark diving is a highly commercialized business. In an industry that spans the globe, operations make millions as office workers and soccer moms spend big bucks to be thrown into shark-infested waters. The more dangerous the shark the higher the adrenalin, a rush so great that shark disciples travel the globe in search of the ultimate fix. As competition builds the demand for new locations increases. Discovery of virgin territory is the eco-warriors' cue to descend in ever increasing crowds, while opponents of the industry question the ethics of exploiting animals at danger of extinction, for personal satisfaction.

Take a journey through an adventurers eyes as he seeks the untamed wild and tracks down the only people who can help him on his quest, the SharkDivers. What starts as a goal for personal satisfaction becomes a pilgrimage of understanding as we encounter the predator inside us all.

Director: Mark Tipple
Producer: Luke Tipple
Genre: Action, Adventure, Scripted Reality, Docu-Drama
Screenplay: wga
Writers: Mark Tipple, Luke Tipple
Status: Pilot completed, April 2010

Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge - Video

The Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge represents a radical change in shark tournament modelling.

Combining shark research and best shark fishing practices the ultimate goal for this tournament is to promote "change from within" the sport caught shark fishing industry.

A recently tagged female bull shark (perhaps gravid) is now making tournament shark fishing history in Florida waters as she reports her position to Mote Marine Labs and waiting researchers.

Video of this tagging was released today, more coverage from the Paxton Blog and Dorsal Fin Blog:

Oil in Loop Current - Legally Amorphous Plumes

Oil has entered the Loop Current arriving in Key West Florida today.

Regional park mangers and government officials are not saying if this is BP oil. Sky Truth posted a satellite image yesterday showing the 10,000 square mile slick being "pulled by" the Loop Current.

For BP legal teams up and down the Gulf the environmental equation is simple.

BP will be forced to pay out damages for "surface strike oil only," and is currently engaged in an unprecedented oil dispersant campaign using COREXIT. Surface oil accounts for 30% of the estimated oil now in the Gulf. BP is shooting COREXIT into the oil plume at a depth of 5000 feet causing the oil to disperse into a giant, sub surface, and legally amorphous plume.

One of these sub surface plumes is estimated to be 30 miles long, 10 miles wide, and 1000 ft thick. This undersea oil could eventually become 100-500 miles in diameter. The environmental impact of these plumes is not known and might never be known except for anecdotal evidence of reef die offs and missing stocks of game fish in the region.

For lawyers skilled in arts of "definitive proof" undersea oil plumes equals money in the bank for oil giant BP. Meanwhile, another 850,00 gallons of COREXIT is being sprayed this week.