Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shark Diving-Guadalupe Moment

Over the years we have had many memorable moments at our Isla Guadalupe dive site.

When you are fortunate enough to have had as many years of Great White shark encounters as we have had-things just have a way of happening.

Take Sterling Wilson and crew here. They joined us from Texas (the cool part) and like so many divers were hoping to just "see a great white shark".

By day two of their dive adventure our crew had personally introduced them to well over 20 different animals and they were beginning to run out of film. That's when they said they wanted to get a group picture.

All four intrepid divers decided to sit on top of the shark cages with Cuban Cigars to get this memorable shot. It was the last dive of the day, and the sharks had disappeared for an hour-"Let's go!".

It's moments like these that make a shark diving adventure. Good friends, great sharkin', and a Cubano. Does it get any better?