Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cageless diving with Great White Sharks. Good idea?

This is for all of you who are thinking that it is a good idea to go outside of a cage and dive with Great White Sharks and say that they treat you as one of their own. Check out this video shark diving, great white shark diving, swimming with great white sharks, great white adventures, shark cage diving

Imagine if the smaller shark would have been a diver. Still think it's a good idea?  Still want them to treat you as one of their own?
 Isla Guadalupe shark diving, shark cage diving california.
When will we learn to love the sharks for who and what they are? They are wild predators, not freaking pets. I'm not ashamed to say "I love those Great White Sharks, but the feeling is NOT mutual!" They are not capable of loving us. That doesn't mean that they are mindless killers either. They are fierce predators that are neither out to eat us, nor do they want to be touched or hugged by us.

Let's go "safe and sane" shark diving! See and appreciate them for what they are.

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver

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