Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sharks Fin and Red Assam-Conservation?

Shark fin conservation messaging by the numbers.

Tea drinkers in Asia: 800 million

Sharks killed for fins each year: 70 million

Actual organic messaging opportunities that tie-in daily tea use with shark fins: 1

You are looking at "brilliance in a cup" a way of getting an eco message across an entire culture without the use of bull horns, placards, or expensive bus shelter posters. By enabling and messaging a culture's other consumables you back door your conservation message in a culturally benign manner. In many cases two and three times a day per consumer as tea use in Asia is a daily ritual with many repeat tea sessions.

We like it and kudos to designer Pablo Matteoda from Argentina. We're pretty sure this is a case of unintended consequences, but like most marketplace widgets, your market is defined by users and right now we know a waiting market of roughly 800 million.