Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Reef - When White Sharks Attack?

Thanks to eagle eye blog reader John Willis who sent us the following link for a new film in production, "The Reef."

We'll let the producers notes explain this new shark film to you. Suffice to say unless there's a 30 minute moment where main characters discover an Asian Fin Raider fleet decimating regional sharks and save the day by protecting these magnificent animals, we're pretty sure this will be a Jaws-light affair.

Just in time for 2010.

The guiding principles of THE REEF

Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Some of my thinking behind the movie.

The production of this film is guided by three principles:

Suspense and Psychological Horror

The main principal of good horror and suspense is that the audience’s imagination is a much more potent tool than special effects and “monster” shots. In other words the best way to build fear and dread is by focussing on small events and leaving “space” for the audience’s imagination to run wild. Like Jaws, Alien and all good horror-thrillers, The Reef will generate suspense and tension by holding back the presence of the “monster” and focussing on the fears of the main characters.


Rather than being heavily theatrical, The Reef will be written as realistic as possible, sticking to its simple and raw premise without being burdened with artificial themes. I want the audience to feel this true event. I want them to think, imagine if this happened to me, what would I do?


We want to make sure that the four main characters in this tale are all real characters with natural vulnerabilities that the audience can and will empathise with them.