Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy Cool/Amazing Shark Video From Catalina

It's got all the elements, a gill netted seal, a hungry white shark or mako, and a surprise.

If it's September in California it's shark time folks. A free Shark Diver T-shirt to the first person to positively ident this shark as either a mako or very small white.

A similar attack by an actual mako on a seal happened on July 31, 2010 at Catalina.


Isla Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving - 2011 Trip Reports

The 2011 white shark season has started with a "bang" at Isla Guadalupe and our Shark Divers have never been happier.

We have identified over 14 regular customers and a few new animals that have caught us off guard.

One of them, a young male, decided to test our cages last week with a gentle nibble, thrilling divers, and providing more shark stories for the 2011 season.

Newly minted shark divers Tammy and Wayne just got back with their own trip report.

Congrats guys, and welcome to the world of Shark Diver:

Wayne and I would like to extend our thanks to the entire crew of the MV Horizon. We set out the eve of August 19th, after a long trip from Canada, we were tired and a bit foggy but the crew were so enthusiastic and helpful we found our second wind. We were immediately made welcome and felt right a home very quickly. From beginning to end the entire crew made the trip, and we can't say enough. We have both traveled a lot, and client service and the food far exceeded our expectations !

The sharks were amazing, only a part of it though, the entire trip is an experience of a life time. It stands alone from lazing on a beach or by a pool, we both agree that it will leave a lasting memory for both of us. Experiencing the Pacific on the dive boat was awesome, waves at times but the crew was very diligent about safety and we never felt in danger.

Seeing Humpback wales, dolphins, turtles, Seals & Sunrises, was all part of the experience.

The crew made us feel like family and I don't think I was ever seconds with a look of "I'm not sure what I'm doing" without someone right there to help me or even asking if I wanted another beverage.

Mark & Kyle made the finest meals in that galley kitchen, AMAZING!

Captains Spence, Carie & Kyle, ran the boat and always made sure our safety was number one as well as having some fun with us too.

Nick, Mark & Tim made sure we always had what we needed and that if there was anything they could do to let us know. Martin made us feel very comfortable in the water, we are both non - certified, and we were not sure really what to expect, but Martin put all our concerns at ease and was very informative about the sharks too!

We have told everyone how much fun we had and have told them that it wasn't just the amazing sharks, it was the crew that made the trip so much fun!

We'd be happy to answer anyone's questions who might be considering going.

Thanks again for the memories

Tammy Leveck & Wayne Bigelow
Ottawa, Canada

Shark Diver The Movie on the App Store

Shark Diver : The Movie

Award winning Director Mark Tipple invites you experience the hauntingly beautiful world of the Shark Divers and go on an aquatic adventure in this short film based on his feature length screenplay.

Shark Hope Video - First Rate Conservation Messaging

From on Aug.30, 2011 at 10:54 am, under Shark Videos.

Shark Defenders have posted the trailer above for a documentary titled “Shark Hope” to their YouTube channel. According to the video description the documentary is a collaboration between Walker Films, Ratu Manoa Rasagitale, the Coral Reef Alliance and Pew Environment Group. The documentary focuses on efforts to create Fiji National Shark Sanctuary.

Kudos to everyone involved in this project, this is first rate shark conservation outreach and messaging: