Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shark Diver in new book "Travel Therapy"

A few months ago Karen Schaler called us about a new book she had in the works. As the owner of the hugely popular travel blog Travel Therapy - how could we refuse?

Karen, as it turns out, is a smart cookie. Aside from being one of the best looking writers to ever grace the genre, take THAT "Ms.Devils Teeth", she also knows the ways of the broken heart.

Karens newest book takes women on a journey to the best places on the planet to get over a break up. One of those places is Isla Guadalupe with the crews of Shark Diver. Not to say that our crews know anything about break ups, but we do know sharks.

If there's one thing a broken heart does know it's "beating". Think of us as the "crash cart of love". If your heart has stopped beating for lack of love, one day with a 15 foot great white shark will get it going again.

Kudos to Karen for the book, and thanks for the section in it!

Christie Fisher - "Schleprock" To You

Christie Fisher we miss you. This is one of her shots of Shark Fin Rock- a towering monolith guarding the entrance to Isla Guadalupes north point. Christie is one of the few shooters we have met that has captured this rock and the sharks of Guadalupe in ways that few can.

She is what we like to call an "organic shooter".

This week both Christie and Shark Diver are featured in the new book Travel Therapy by Karen Schaler under "Isla Guadalupe".

Christie has been AWOL from our adventures for a year now and every once in a great while we extend an offer-you-cannot-refuse to our long time friends and guests.

Here it is:

This blog post entitles the bearer (Ms Fisher "Schleprock") to one complimentary trip to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico in 2009.

Your sharks miss you, and we miss you. Dust off that camera gear and come and join us. We'll be waiting!

Captains Log - Clean Up Decks 1-20

Captains Log

"Arrived in port today. Bit of a mess on decks 1-20, actually, the engine rooms got a spot of water in it as well. Come to think of it, we're also missing a few windows, deck chairs, and what is that smell?"

Cape Cod Great White 2004

Reports of a great white shark swimming in an estuary at Naushon Island on September 21, 2004 and the subsequent media storm that followed, was a highlight of the shark world that month. The back story to this incredible shark tale has never been told, until now.

This week reporter Jeff Harder dipped into the unlikely events of that September, when a 14' white shark was discovered, tagged and released almost 10 days later. Some interesting side interviews with Tom King of New England Sharks and Dr. Greg Skomal:

Staring in awe, Skomal mouthed an expletive. “It wasn’t a report. It wasn’t a rumor, you know?” Skomal says today. “It wasn’t a mystery fish . . . it was a 14-foot, almost 2,000-pound great white shark swimming in a salt pond, in an estuary, where people swim all the time.” The estuary was an ideal place for an up-close glimpse of the free-swimming female great white, which stayed until scientists coaxed her into open waters on October 4 of that year.

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