Saturday, February 18, 2012

Singapore Thrown Down - David Diley Dissects

Riding into town on a boatload of shark science?
If you happened to wake up to a heretical article in the The Jakarta Post yesterday filled with all manner of eyebrow raising and or fighting words depending on which part of the article you were mentioned in, suffice to say the next few days should be interesting for you.

The quote that surprised even us was this one:

"Shark protectors claim the dish kills up to 73 million sharks each year, with some of them tossed back into the sea to die after their fins are cut off. But Jenkins took aim at the statistics and pooh-poohed this widely held belief. He said the 73 million figure, attributed to marine scientist Shelley Clarke and cited by shark advocacy groups such as WildAid and Shark Angels, had been twisted to suit their needs."

The takeaway from that quote goes back to the Oxy Shark Myth and what we said weeks ago concerning the intersection of conservation facts and policy makers.

We didn't have the time to dissect the whole article but David Diley did in his own way, so if you are just starting your coffee read on it's good stuff.

Except for the digs on presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. He may well be a vacuous out of touch multi-millionaire who prays to a racist Space Jesus (see video) - but at least he has presidential hair, you gotta give him that.