Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Creating Shark Week Anchor Commercials - Big Productions, Big Fun

Volkswagen 2012 Shark Week
For the past three years the crew over here at Shark Diver have been the creative force behind some of Discovery Channels most memorable Shark Week anchor commercials.

The idea of off brands getting into the shark space is nothing new, Snickers did it in 2010 and the commercial world became a much more interesting world for it.

Our full time entrance into this unique and growing space was to bring the, 'live shark element' to commercials.

In 2012 we were asked to create the entire underwater world for Gillette and Shark Week.

This was one very challenging shoot as there's a saying in the production world, 'never work with children or live sharks.' That being said we managed to attract and hold six full time Tigers and over 50 Lemon sharks to a locked down offshore shark site in the Bahamas delivering a completely unique first person commercial that quickly went viral.

In 2012 we were asked again to put our collective talents into an underwater production for Volkswagen. The lead on this one was What.We.Do.Media, and you'll recognize the talent behind this company as none other than Luke Tipple.

Creating a submersible iconic car brand replica and taking into the world of sharks? - Inspired.

That's what we do here at Shark Diver, with a tight team, we deliver extraordinary commercial visions that go viral featuring iconic brands...underwater with sharks.

Looking forward to 2013 - let's go shark diving.

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