Saturday, November 1, 2008

Octo-Podi-Don't dump your meds in the ocean

This is what you get when you dump your expired meds into your sink a 96 armed sea critter (Octopus vulgaris).

Note the helpful lab tech who's pointing out one of the arms.

Sadly this critter did not survive long at the Shima Marineland Aquarium One alternate theory is that this fellow suffered a tragic accident and had a "gross regeneration event" causing the many arms.

Spectacular Discovery 27 Great Whites Y.O.Y

One of the things about the ocean you come to love, the very real chance for discovery.

Unlike 90% of our terrestrial environment almost every month we discover new things about our ocean environment that challenge perceptions, and make you excited to be part of the planet.

Today was one of those days:

WHAT could be the world's largest concentration of juvenile great white sharks has been discovered swimming within metres of the sand on the state's Mid-North Coast.Twenty-seven great white sharks were spotted in one day by a boat team videoing for a fishing DVD last week near Port Stephens.

Editors Note: Similar aggregations of Y.O.Y (young of the year) are seen off the coast of So Cal each spring during the annual grunion run.