Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Speaking of Media - Beqa Again

This month we announced our fluff piece in Playboy Magazine (no puns please). From time to time we do "big media" with a primary focus on the adventure of shark diving.

For the most part these are fun articles that have little time to focus on shark conservation issues, or research. Fortunately we also get to balance that media with pieces like the one we did two months ago with Scientific American 3.0.

But if you really want to see what good industry media looks like, look no further than Beqa Adventure Divers this month on Mai Life Magazine. Naturally they got the good quotes, the great industry scoop, and what looks to be four full pages of fantastic press.

How did they do it? Ask Mike. The trick to media is not getting it, that's about as basic a proposition as harvesting apples from a sun ripened tree. It's what you do with it once you have it that defines good industry media.

For the folks over at BAD we're thinking their media fruit never tasted so good. Kudos.

World Blog Archive - Shark Bloggers

If you are serious about blogging, and that would be any of you industry types who post more than 5 times a week the good news is that Greg Davis has created a new website tailored just for you.

Welcome to the World Blog Archive from the creator of

A few weeks ago we called Greg Davis "The smartest guy in the room". He is and this is why. Blog content is only as good as the eyeballs that see it. The World Blog Archive helps get your content seen.

Now before all you post-every-two-months folks get too excited - this site will do absolutely nothing for you and your lame, sad little blog, that sits like a wet animal you forgot to feed on your back porch. Blogs, like all animals need to be fed, regularly, so go feed your blog!

Kudos to Greg for building this new site.