Thursday, August 21, 2008

Speaking of submarines and sharks...

What ever became of this ungainly beast featured on the CBS primetime show "Killer, Bloodthirsty, Eye of the Monster Killer"...or something to that effect?

This was the worlds first submarine shark. Loaded with a diver and capable of doing...well according to the crew not much, but heck it looked cool!

Isla Guadalupe-Submarine?

One of the hottest rumors sweeping through the 2008 season is the arrival of a private submarine sometime in October to Isla Guadalupe.

We'll be curious to see the bubble sub when it arrives. These items are fast becoming the hottest ticket for the wealthy:

Hat Tip: Born Rich

It is always great to own a yacht and have those parties by the deck. However, after a while, the yachts just get, well, monotonous and you need something more exciting. That is when U.S Submarines comes to your rescue. They have developed a sub for 2 people. Called the Triton 1000, it is lightweight, and can function as an additional feature to your existing yacht. You can just go ahead and deploy the sub from your medium-large yacht. If you still don’t own a yacht, you can attach the sub behind a truck or a SUV and just negate the need to buy a yacht. With excellent visibility and luxurious interiors, the pilot of the sub will have a very comfortable journey under the water. The submarine is built specifically for the enjoyment of piloting one and hence the operations are easy. At about $1.69 million, Triton 1000 may be a little too heavy on the pockets, but you can do what no other yacht owner can do, view corals and the amazing underwater life or just have a romantic sub-ride with your partner. Or just have a look at some of the most luxurious private submarines you could own. You may find that interesting as well!

Isla Guadalupe Trip Update 8.21.2008

How do you translate into Spanish the following -"Loads of sharks"

"Mas, mas, mas Tiburon!"

However you say it, we had it today at Isla Guadalupe. Captain Greg of the MV Horizon reports back three simply tremendous shark breaches with animals flying completely out of the water...much to the amazement of our divers.

Total tally for the day was 9-11 sharks with not a single rotation without them. Not bad considering.

We'll be pulling the hook at 6.00pm after a heavy dinner tonight and should find the vessel in port by 6.00pm tomorrow. Once again Isla Guadalupe amazed our divers, we cannot wait to see some of those images our divers shot and we'll be posting two complete diver trip reports next week-once they come in.

Junk-A Blog To Watch

15,000 plastic bottles and a Cessna 310 are all that hold together Junk
an intrepid duo who are raising awareness of ocean plastics by sailing to Hawaii in this most unlikely of vessels.

Here's a quick post from June:

Guadalupe Island is roughly 15 miles long and 4 miles wide. For the last 200 miles we’ve drifted practically due south toward it. Yesterday we were five miles and bearing down on the north point. “Which way do we go?” we asked each other. Going west meant faster traveling, but the risk of being pushed ashore was greater. Going east meant a safe trip, but unexpected wind and currents. We flipped a coin, “East it is!”

Steep slopes of brown sand and rubble cascade into deep blue water. The island’s tall mountains create an imposing silhouette against the setting sun. We give a 4-mile buffer between Guadalupe and JUNK. The wind shifts to the northwest, giving us the joy of downwind sailing and a record 2.9 knots. We will skirt around this island in no time. At 1:00am Joel wakes me up, “Can you give me a hand with this spinnaker?” There’s no wind. It fell from 2.5 to .3 in the blink of an eye. The mountain, even at 4 miles, blocks the 20 knots of wind we need. It would now be up to the current.