Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wales Great White Shark Hoax?

The most unlikely shark news this last week is from Wales-that's in the U.K.

Caught on a "camera phone" at 100 yards this image is meant to be a Great White shark breaching off the coast. Camera phone?

About as likely a shot as the Moon Landing...wait, they did land on the moon in 1969 right?

Fisherman David John saw the monster emerge 100 yards from his boat. He took the pic on his mobile — but only realised how close he could have been to a killer Great White when he examined it later.

Maneater ... beasts can grow to 20ft

David, 40, said: “At first I thought it was a seal. It wasn’t until I got home that I looked again and realised what I’d got. “You can’t mistake the shape of the head and can see an eye and the mouth. And from what I understand, Great Whites do break the water like this.

Editors Note: Yes they do. They also do not look as photoshopped as this image.

National Aquarium in D.C- New shark pups

From Andrew at the National Aquarium in D.C this morning:

Hey Shark Divers,

You have one of the most active blogs I have ever seen! How do you find the time for all those entries?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are Swell Shark pups at the National Aquarium in DC, and we just wrote a blog entry about Cute Shark Pups

Thanks, talk to you soon!

Editors Note: The joys of the PDA. Blogging can be done almost anywhere and at anytime. We are often out of the office with ten minutes to spare in between meetings and work related our shark fans have come to discover you can cover a lot of ground in just ten minutes.

Farallons White Shark Tours-Add One

On the subject of shark diving...looks like there's one more white shark watching tour option for thrills seekers here in Northern California, Silver Fox.

We got an email from a diver this week asking about these guys, our response was they are new to us. Great White Shark Expeditions have streamlined the experience and do not offer caged encounters, cutting the cost down to $275-125 for the day and relying on natural predations for the actual shark viewing. Other operations have cages, but they are not allowed to chum or tow decoys, so they too are relying on natural predations. We wish the new guys luck:

Witnessing a very large great white shark consume a 300 lb. sea lion can be a very dramatic experience. These particularly violent acts are as natural as the rising of the tide for the shark.During the Fall months (Sept – Nov), thousands of marine mammals migrate to the Farallon Islands, which are approximately 27 miles from the San Francisco Bay to breed and calve their young. This event attracts the largest great white sharks in the World. The Farallon Islands, located in the red triangle, are the known feeding ground for the great white sharks before their long Pacific Migration. We have had many dramatic encounters from great white attacks from the safety of the vessel. These events are purely natural and part of everyday life at these islands. This is an event that is truly unforgettable.