Monday, December 7, 2009

Salmon Sharks National Geographic

Back in 2005 I was fortunate enough to fly to Cordova, Alaska and spend a week cage diving with Salmon Sharks, distaff relatives of the Great white. Shark Diver was the first commercial shark diving company to ever drop a cage in these waters and the first to ever work with them on a commercial level.

We were not disappointed.

Fast forward to 2009 and a simply stunning look at these animals in HD by National Geographic:

Shark Conservation Coverage - Al Jazeera

Surprising and in depth front line coverage of the shark situation in Palau, recently declared a shark sanctuary. As we have said many times in the past shark tourism is a viable bridge solution to sustianable fisheries. When local and regional fishermen have the financial incentive to save sharks they are more than likely to push back against outside fisheries.

Jack Ma - From shark fins to change

Anyone remember Jack Ma?

Once labeled the "Dr.Evil of Shark Finning," he remains the CEO of the widely successful online Chinese trading platform

I had a lot to say about and the millions of sharks fin they traded online back in 2007 when pressure in the form of hundreds of individuals and groups brought this trading platform to the media forefront.

Fast Forward

Can anyone say changed man?

I was more than pleased to read an in depth press release from this week featuring Jack Ma. As it turns out the changes made to from the shark fin protest radically altered the companies outlook towards all environmental issues.

The success of the shark fin campaign cannot be understated and remains one of conservations best efforts to date.

A lot of the Kudos needs to go back to Jack Ma and Not only did they cease the sale of sharks fin, but they doubled down on the effort and have embraced environmental efforts throughout China.

What started with the outrages of millions of sharks fins sales has become much, much more.

Jack Ma

I didn't force the Alibaba team to remove shark fins from our site. My colleagues and staff asked me about it and we exchanged ideas. The young people in my company sat down and discussed it amongst themselves. They came to their own conclusion and said, "Let's take down this thing." I am proud of the transformation that resulted through education and thoughtful discussion.
It's very interesting that so many people, especially those born in '80s and '90s, support this action. I am proud of these young people. They care for the environment more than my generation ever did. If you want to change the future, get the young people on board. If you want to understand young people, you have to think like the young people do and care for the environment. It's a good transformation for me.

Patric Douglas CEO