Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shark Diver

How Sinking Cruise Ships Save Whales

After a series of disastrous cruise ship sinkings and recent vessel groundings the United Nations Antarctic Treaty System is poised to set new limits on vessels operating in Antarctica.

The news rules will ban heavy oil and require vessel hull strength to be doubled.

In a strange twist of fate two of Japans whaling fleet vessels will no longer meet these new requirements and will presumably be banned from Antarctic waters, shutting down whaling for the first time in 20 years.

Presumably, as Japan also has political strength within the U.N.

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Goblin girl on... Endless Ocean!

At the moment I'm looking after my three beloved godchildren while my sister got a well deserved weekend in a nice hotel with her husband. My plan was to finally get to play the Wii-game "Endless Ocean". You see, I found out that you can dive with... goblin sharks in the game! The children - twins of 6.5 years and a boy of 4.5 - found the game very boring. Lots of English text and then you are slowly swimming around. They went out to play with their friends instead, so I got the game all for myself and fell in some sort of trance... It almost felt like diving - without the pain in my ears that I always get after a few dives irl.

I've been finning around quite a good deal, but so far no goblin sharks. I need to get equipment to be able to dive deep, I guess. Now I'm waiting until I can put the children in bed so I can continue my quest!

I also have the game "Fishing Master". Somehow you will be able to see goblin sharks in the fish market, but so far I haven't found out how. Has anyone else tried these games?