Saturday, June 27, 2009

Presenting Sharks - Badly

We have been rabid supporters of Shark Trust Wines and owner Melanie Marks over the years.

If you're in the shark conservation world you have heard of her or enjoyed her wines at innumerable ocean conservation events across the country.

Melanie's company acts as the "shark conversation lubricant" that has launched more conservation ideas, solutions, and efforts then her company generally gets attributed for.

Melanie also keeps tabs on all things shark related and this week alerted her shark network to a seemingly small and some might say insignificant issue with a regional eye wear company (see ad).

To folks like Melanie and Shark Trust Wines who have dedicated the last eight years of her life to sharks and the positive perception of sharks - every bit helps.

Kudos for bringing attention to this. If you would like to add your voice please do so, here is the website you can send a calm, well reasoned letter explaining the need for positive shark media.