Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Randy Jordan, what sharks like to eat.

Recently Randy Jordan of Emerald Charters made some negative headlines lately, when he was fined by the state of Florida, for illegally feeding sharks within 3 miles from shore. He claimed that those charges were not true and states that he does his dives to educate people and conserve sharks. The video below shows how he takes care of his beloved tiger sharks. Concerned about their health and well being, he feeds them.......... a stuffed leprechaun? Seriously!? You call that conservation shark diving?

Apparently he is no longer proud of his video and has removed it from youtube. Luckily, we had a downloaded version. When asked about this particular incident on Facebook, he apparently thought it still a joke and responded with "The tiger spit it out immediately. Apparently leprechauns aren't magically delicious" Really funny Randy! Is that what you mean, when you say "Protect what you love, take care of the sharks?"

We at shark diver believe in safe and sane interactions with all sharks. If we want to protect the sharks, we have to treat them with respect. Randy's actions, feeding stuffed toys to sharks and diving where it is illegal, give the shark diving industry a bad name and doesn't do the sharks any favors either.

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Let's go shark diving!

Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver

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