Friday, July 31, 2009

Hawaii Shark Diving - Countering the Mob

Got the following conservation website announcement when we arrived back in port this week from the folks at Hawaii Shark Encounters.

Coming back from months of negative pitch forks and flaming brands anti-shark diving sentiment in Hawaii will be hard...but they are officially on the right track:

Why Sharks Matter

Isla Guadalupe - Name That Cephalopod

We're back from the Island of the Great White Sharks - Isla Guadalupe. As the only shark diving vessel on site for the entire week it was a unique experience having this remote and pristine island all to ourselves.

We'll be writing up a full trip report this week once the crew has had a chance to get settled.

Right now it's this critter we're most interested in.

On day three of our five day expedition this little squid drifted past our cages and was scooped up by an alert diver.

Absolutely translucent with internal organs on display (click image for larger view) this squid came with bioluminescent gel packs on the undersides of it's eyes - one very interesting cephalopod.

We're giving away a DVD copy of the Island of the Great White Shark to the first person to positively ident this critter.

The tail fin arrangement was also very cool.

O.K, we'll also throw in a Shark Diver hat and t-shirt as well. We have a boatload of shark divers who want to know.