Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kiwis Prepare for 1000 Years of Mojito Ice

A titanic iceberg some 500 meters wide, 50 meters tall, and 350 meters thick, containing enough fresh ice to power 11.9 billion Mojitos is barreling down on the New Zealand coast this week.

Loose from the Ross ice shelf in 2001 the unprecedented iceberg has members of the New Zealand cabinet rushing to emergency meetings with Cuban trade ministers to complete an ice deal with the tiny Caribbean nation, home of the tasty and iconic alcoholic beverage "The Mojito."

Said one staffer from Hon Tim Grosers office, "The Minister of Trade and Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs and Associate Minister of Climate Change Issues are working round the clock to sell this iceberg to Cuba who, since 1997, have been under a US ice embargo."

The deal gets softer each day as the iceberg comes in contact with warmer waters.

The following Underwater Onion is brought to you by Shark Diver. Always drink Mojitos as responsibly as you can.

Happy Thanksgiving. Go Lions!