Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shark cull in Australia. Saving lives?

The first shark was caught and killed under the new shark cull policy in Western Australia. According to the ABC in Australia,  Fisherman says animal he shot was threat to public safety.

Photo http://www.abc.net.au
In response to the international outcry, denouncing the policy, Western Australias Transport Minister Troy Buswell, who was one of the architects of the policy while he was fisheries minister, is quoted as saying "I suppose my question is, to those people who are so violently opposed to it (the shark cull) happening in Western Australia, is why do you value a West Australian shark so highly, and why do you value protecting a West Australian life so lowly, compared to the rest of Australia?" 

So my question to you Mr. Buswell is, since you are so concerned about threat to public safety caused by the sharks, who cause about 2 deaths (in all of Australia) a year, what are you going to do about:

Smoking, 17'000 deaths in Australia? Are you going to confiscate cigarettes? ...... Oh no, the pay you taxes on those, sorry, we need the money more than those lives.

Alcohol,  3'200 deaths in Australia? Are you going to outlaw alcohol? ...... Oooops, no can do, they also pay a lot of taxes.

Skin cancer, 540 deaths in Australia? Are you going to ban people from going to the beach? .... Oh no, that way they wouldn't go into the Ocean and we wouldn't need to cull the sharks. Dang, can't do that!!!!

Drowning, 290 deaths in Australia? ...... wait are you saying they are more likely to drown than get bitten by a shark?... Oh no, we have to stop people from going into the water!! Wait, if we do that, we don't need to cull the sharks. Dang, scratch that idea!

So Mr. Buswell, are you caring so little about Australian lives that your are not going to do a darn thing about all those deaths? ..... but you're hellbent on culling sharks, which is not even proven to have any effect on the number of people bitten by sharks?

Ah, Mr. Buswell, you are saying I'm being ridiculous. Well, of course I am! We both are! The only difference you and me isExcept of course, stopping the cull!!!  It's stupid, it doesn't safe lives and can have a devastating effect on the environment.  
, I know I'm being ridiculous and don't for a second believe we should do those things I'm suggesting.


Martin Graf
Shark Diver

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