Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mauricio Hoyos-Cool Shark Science Dude

If you happen to be a "Shark Scientist" you probably do well at bars and at pool parties in Miami.

Who wouldn't attract a crowd of bikini clad models with this line..."So, I'm Shark Scientist".

But if you're lucky enough to be a "White Shark Scientist" that's the difference between a NASA Test Pilot and an actual Astronaut.

We wanted to introduce you to an actual "White Shark Scientist". For the past four years Mauricio Hoyos from CICIMAR, Mexico has been the driving force behind Isla Guadalupe white shark tagging and shark tracking program. Think Indiana Jones with a Spanish accent.

He gets to do cool thing like tag and track whites, conduct DNA sampling, and as this image suggests grab DNA samples from all kinds of critters out at this newly formed Bio-Sphere Reserve some 210 miles off the California coast. By the way no critters were hurt in this image even though he's ALSO got a wicked looking cross-bow to get DNA samples with. Cool plus.

This is Mauricio in action 2007:

Jeremiah Sullivan-Mad Shark Genius

Three things we like about Jeremiah Sullivan.

1. He's the owner and creator of Neptunic
2. He likes sharks
3. Hires babes to model his anti-bite suits

When you stroll through the Neptunic Site you'll discover a whole world of anti-bite tech that will make your inner shark geek go wild.

These suits are the gold standard for hazardous encounters with frisky sharks.

Planning feeding a 8 foot Bull Shark in Cuba? You'll probably want to have this suit, or their all new Nemo 2 made with a "liquid crystal polymer fiber".

In the world of anti-bite tech for sharks on a "fleshy bite scale" of 1-5 it goes something like this:

1. Speedo wearing Bull Shark feeder aka mook
2. Surfer with short board
3. Diver with tank and James Bond dive knife
4. Diver with shark cage
5. Nemo 2

Of course the latest Nemo 2 anti-bite tech will set you back about $24,000 but with naked shark diving mini disasters like these, you may want to consider the suit. Oh, and by the way NEVER wear a Speedo to feed a Bull Shark: