Saturday, January 5, 2008

Radisson Hotel-Where's Da Sharks?

So they built another hotel in Berlin. It's got 427 rooms, swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and fitness room.

They also went all out with their high tech conference area on the ground floor-offering a conference foyer and 10 air-conditioned meeting rooms. All pretty standard stuff as far as mega hotels go.

Oh, and it's also got the world's largest cylindrical aquarium, the AquaDom. Filled with one million litres of saltwater and the new home to about 2,500 tropical fish. Making the AquaDom the largest free standing aquarium on the entire planet.

The only problem is that they totally forgot to add the sharks. How can any self respecting hotel with a giant aquarium in the lobby hope for any business without a few sharks swimming around!?

Great White Sharks at 100 Feet Rottnest Island

Score one for the science guys in Australia. A small team of dedicated researchers have been placing unmanned video cams down at 100 feet with some bait to see what's there. Beats paying some grad students to do the same job.

Since this is Australia to no ones great surprise a 10 foot Great White showed up and did a fly by completely caught on tape. Naturally the local news media has gone all "caddy-wompus" on this story.

Rottnest Island is just a few miles off of Perth.

Last we heard White Sharks were coming out of the tap water in Perth, but they are screaming about this video all the same.

Anytime you can get a Great White on tape we call that a good day. Of course it would be nice if they could have framed up this video a bit better and maybe tracked the shark a bit. Looks like the guys from Shark Diver will have to pack a few cages and go investigate.

Click here for the complete story and video.

Now, about the name of this island?

Great White Shark-Geek Tech

The good folks at Shark Tech have created the ultimate geek divers dream. The "Shark Shooter".

O.K, it's not called the "Shark Shooter"-but it might as well be called that. What you are looking at is the latest advance in diver tech. Now a lot of you old school underwater shooters will say "this is a scuba abomination, be gone from our web browsers!".

Ye, of little faith. Remember the great underwater war between film and digital shooters, now who's laughing?

For those of you out there who like to shoot sharks, this mask-6 gig camera combo allows you to be hands free, so you can hold a big fish carcass and bring the sharks in even closer.

As Britney Spears would say-Cool Ya'll!

Unfortunately these masks only come in classic yum-yum yellow, but heck, with that fish carcass in your hands perhaps the 16 foot Tiger shark you just chummed in will not notice.

Geek on Diverman!