Monday, May 23, 2011

Sharks and the 1970's? Beer too?

Thanks to the ever watchful Dorsal Fin Blog for this video catch of the week.

Yes the 70's were groovy, and none more than this beer commercial featuring a shark, a diver chick, and that perennial aluminum flavored brew - Colt 45.

Proving once and for all that sharks and Billy Dee Williams can be used to sell almost anything:

An Honest, Great Show - River Monsters

We have been huge fans of Jeremy Wade for a while now.

His show on Discovery Channel is a testament to rich story telling and honest discovery.

Yes, it's a fishing show but one that pretends to be nothing more than that.

Along the way Wade and his small crew deliver the goods with some gripping encounters of the toothy kind.

As the series gets picked up for another season we hope that Wade and company consider the deeper waters of the ocean for their next adventures...down there mans worst piscivorous nightmares are waiting to be discovered.

Here's to another season of River Monsters.

Hope for the Bull Sharks of Playa del Carmen?

We have been watching the unfolding tragedy in Playa del Carmen with great interest. Both as a object lesson in shark site development and as an internal discussion within Mexico as to the fate of it's sharks.

As you might recall a new shark site featuring Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) exploded onto the scene a few years ago with great fanfare. Shortly after, a series of regional takes by fishing interests surprised many.

These takes devastated the local shark population.

The good news is that these few animals did not die in vain as a new NGO, Xooc, has taken on this regional tragedy and has produced a mini documentary about it. The first step, and may we say, great step in protecting these animals.

Kudos to everyone involved, this is first rate work: