Monday, November 28, 2011

Micro Bikini's and the Politics of a Vote

Girl with the 30 million dollar bikini sez vote!
It has come to this. The venerated Shark Diver blog offering up jewel clad string bikini images to capture the last few of you out there who have not yet voted for David Shiffman.

Who's David you ask?

Only one of the smartest ocean science bloggers out there and oh, so close, to winning a much needed $10,000 blogging scholarship so he can continue to be innovative and science-y.

You want David to win this scholarship because he has promised to invite all of us to Miami for an all expenses paid weekend to his new tricked out Science Blogging Crib on Miami's South Beach with a one of a kind flowing Cristal Olympic Swimming Pool and 24 hour lectures on Cephlapodia.

Actually we made that part up, but, you can do your part by voting here today.

Takes but a minute and there's $10,000 great reasons why David should win this award.

Seriously vote, today!

PS: Hope this post will do David. You have no idea how hard it is to blog from 36,000 feet, they say they have Internet, but try and load up an image or two, oh and suffer the disgusted looks from the nice Mormon family across the way in seats 42 CDE who think you're looking at porn.