Monday, June 23, 2008 is how you do "Conservation"

We have been impressed with the efforts of on the local and national level in the U.K to change peoples perception of sharks and shark finning.

Using a slick website and branding campaign, they are making a difference. Have a look for yourself, and if you happen to be from the U.K drop a quid or two in the old war chest for these guys!

Bite Back

Making waves in conservation With the law of supply and demand at its cornerstone, Bite-Back works together with restaurants, fishmongers and retailers to remove shark products from menus and fish counters, effectively lowering the trade in this threatened species.

Since its launch, Bite-Back's ongoing success has seen the organisation take on more mainstream marine conservation issues including campaigns to significantly reduce the trade in other threatened species; lowering levels of oceanic pollution and; protecting fragile coral reefs. Each campaign has been developed to empower the public to become more resolute in its commitment to conserving the oceans, at a local level, through awareness, education, motivation and inspiration.