Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beqa Adventure Divers - Fiji Politiks

One of the best shark diving operations on the planet as far as operational safety, conservation initiatives, and frank industry leadership is in the middle of a "minor bump in the road," typically known as small island politics.

Da Shark posted some details yesterday and we're sure more are to come:

Yesterday evening, after the weekend closure of the courts, Government ministries and law firms, our land lord Lagoon Resort was seized and shut down.

It's obviously about money and has nothing whatsoever to do with us - but as a consequence, we were caught in the crossfire and denied access to our premises, and 20 pre-booked tourists were turned away and could not join today's Shark dive.

It looks like they will be back operating today, and if we know Da Shark he'll find a way to not only own the failing resort in question but in five years will have built a carbon neutral and expanded global shark research station to boot.

Opportunities often come when the storm clouds have lifted.

Here's to fresh breezes in Fiji, let us know how we can help Mike.