Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mako on Predation - Sweet

Call us old school but we just love a good predation image when it comes to sharks.

Who doesn't?

Diver and underwater photographer Al McGlashin got the surprise of his life yesterday off Port Stephens, Australia when a sizable Mako blasted past him to seize a striped marlin about to be released during a fishing tournament.

Needles to say the animal was not released for reasons that will quickly become self evident.

Al stayed in the water with the shark and shot an entire series - nicely done sir.

Want to see more?

Yeah we knew you would.

The Paxtons cover the Gulf Spill

Dr.Bob Hueter from Mote Marine Lab spent some time in the Gulf looking for effects of Americas worst oil disaster on sharks, tuna and billfish, and the Paxton Brothers were there to document.

This is raw footage from that expedition:

Just in time for Valentines Day - Vampire Squid on Delray Beach

A strange and unusual visitor made a landing on Delray Beach in Florida this week. Caught on video by a few enterprising locals who had never seen anything like it...and probably will never again.

What looks to be a rare Vampire Squid order Vampyromorphida is normally found at depths in excess of 2000-3000 feet making this specimen worthy of collection. No word if anyone recovered the obviously distressed animal or not: