Saturday, May 2, 2009

4,919,978 - That's Media

Back in 2007 an experiment in new media on You Tube was launched. Could we get to one million views of a natural predation event at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico?

The answer to that question was quickly discovered. Yes.

Today this video remains in the top 10. Kudos to the marketing wizards Adam and Zander at L.A based 689Design who wrapped this piece of video eye candy up into the ongoing You Tube power house that is remains to this day. 4,919,978 is an exciting number, we'll be cracking the champagne at 5 million next month.

Captains Log - Missing a Few

Captains Log

"Had a spot of weather last night. This morning over coffee my first mate pointed out the deck situation. Seems we're missing about 200 containers. Still, it's ah, good coffee."