Friday, October 14, 2011

The Man in the Picture - Shark Diver Colin Ball

Colin Ball is the man on our homepage at Shark Diver giving the thumbs up to an experience that, over the past decade, we have offered to divers from around the planet.

We choose this image shot by Derek Heasley from Seapixels as the front page image for Shark Diver for a number of reasons, primarily because it says everything about the dive site, the experience, and the curiosity of our white sharks, seen here checking out the port side floatation pod.

The image was shot way back in 2007, and we're still going strong this season with another group of divers at the island and a sat phone call this morning with a report of a 17 foot female, the largest of the shark diving season, joining our divers for moments that you can only comprehend if you have been in the cage staring a white shark in the eye.

Here's to all the Colin Balls who have joined us over the years. It is because of you that Shark Diver has become the "little shark diving company that could," and we're looking forward to minting a new round of official Shark Divers in 2012.

Let's go shark diving!

Shark Productions with Shark Diver - 2009 Tiger Beach

2009 shark productions Tiger Beach with Mythbusters for Shark Week