Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Expeditions

Location: Malapascua Island, Cebu, The Philippines
Dates: April - August 2008
Website: The Thresher Shark Project

Divers interested in marine/shark science may apply to assist Simon Oliver in conducting fieldwork for a doctoral research project on Pelagic thresher sharks. Since ONLY 2 assistants will be accepted on the project at any given time, this is a unique opportunity for selected individuals to gain hands on training and experience in shark survey methodology, behaviour, biology, ecology and conservation from a specialist. Accepted candidates will also receive training in scientific diving, marine wildlife photography and marine videography, and benefit from the use of professional underwater camera and video systems.

Volunteer research assistants will be based on Malapascua Island and shuttled to Monad Shoal aboard a small dedicated research vessel. Ops will run from 05:00 to 20:00 five days a week and include SCUBA survey, underwater video observation and in situ tagging operations (pending funding). Evenings will involve data review and analysis, training and gear maintenance.

* Visit The Thresher Shark Project for expedition details *

What's Included:

• Dedicated research vessel + crew
• SCUBA amenities (air, weights)
• Diving (*NO decompression, MANDATORY 2 hour surface interval)
• Data analysis facilities (computer, video review)
• Survey amenities (slate, environmental gauges)
• Use of underwater video/still cameras (Amphibico Prowler, Amphibico Evo HD Elite, Aquatica A90)
• Tagging tackle (pending funding)
• Field lab amenities (microscope, dissection kit)
• Return boat transfer Maya - Malapascua

What's NOT included:

• Room
• Board (food, drink)
• Flights
• Visa Extensions
• Insurance
• SCUBA equipment
• SCUBA training
• Airport transfers

COST: (GBP) £250 / per week (5 days diving).

Qualifications: PADI Rescue Diver equivalent or higher, 60 ++ dives logged.

* Successful candidates MUST show proof of comprehensive liability and SCUBA insurance (DAN is accepted) *

Number of Openings: 2 per week

How to Apply: Email CV and references to Alison Beckett (

* Applicants will be screened according to their interest levels and diving competency *