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Jupp Kerckerinck-you probably do not know the name but you should get to know the website

Outside a few well funded NGO's and commercial shark diving operations few people have the time, energy and finances, to put into web projects that raise awareness and push for shark conservation. This is what makes Shark Protect so extraordinary. We'll let Jupp explain how he came to create a world class shark conservation site and how he is now rapidly becoming a recognized name in the shark conservation field (click links for video)

All it takes is a little time, dedication and a serious love of sharks:

My fascination with sharks began in November 2003, when my daughter Philipa and I went on a shark dive at Isla Guadalupe in the Pacific, with We were cage diving with Great White Sharks and it was so amazing to see those majestic animals swim very close by. We were together with the Mexican Scientist Dr. Felipe Galvan Magana, who wanted to take DNA samples of Great Whites. Philipa and I offered to help, and together we got 4 samples of the 9 Great Whites we saw. It was awesome and exciting. The sharks were not aggressive, even though we had to scrape off some skin samples for the DNA. When I came home, I tried to read as many books about sharks as I could find and I even started to write one myself, which you can find under Shark Dictionary.

Editors Note: The rest is history. We have a saying here at U.T "One blog, one website, one person at a time".

Celebrating Underwater Images-Tom Spiegle

Going back to our post this week about "Thrill seeking" and changing peoples perception of sharks. No where is this more aptly demonstrated then with underwater photographers who mission it is to "capture the moment".

Today we would like to introduce you to another photographer who's life was changed after joining us at Isla Guadalupe-Tom Speigle:

"In my 18 years of diving, to be face to face with the Great White Sharks of Isla Guadalupe, was an adventure of a lifetime. The White Shark is one of the most misunderstood animals on Earth. To witness first hand how graceful and majestic these animals are will be a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life."

Toms work can be seen at

Shark Finning-Wild Aid December

WildAids sharks campaign has been one of unrelenting messaging and direct action. To say they have been "on this issue" is an understatement.

We got the following email this morning about an upcoming finning expose by CNN in conjunction with WildAid. You can set your calendar now this should be informative and eye opening:

Hello All,

We have just finished filming with CNN’s Planet in Peril. Here are the promotional pieces from that. The main story will air in December.

Lisa Ling’s story on Shark Finning is posted on the Planet in Peril site:

Planet in Peril-Sharks

Jason McArthur

Hat Tip: Image from Shark Alliance another first rate NGO who's direct action and messaging is changing peoples perception of sharks one person at a time.