Thursday, August 26, 2010

Corkscrew Killers - U.K Ducts vs Greenland Sharks

There's an ongoing Battle Royal between U.K and Canadian researchers with completing theories over corkscrew deaths of seals.

Canadian researcher Zoe Lucas who works on Sable Island has conducted an eight-year study of "corkscrew" seal injuries.

She maintains Greenland Sharks are capable of inflicting such wounds.

However, scientists at the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) at the University of St Andrews, U.K have ruled out the possibility of the deaths being caused by sharks. They claim mechanical ducts are causing these wounds.

Having a shark blog that goes back over three years allows us to cover the stranger side of sharks and this enduring predatory mystery.

Underwater Thrills Corkscrew Killer Timeline

April 26 2008 The Mystery

August 8 2008 More from Sable

August 17 2010 UK Corkscrew Killer

August 20 2010 Sharks Ruled Out

August 25 2010 Canadian Researchers Say Shark

As we posted last week, "unless the same set of mechanical variables is present on the remote Sable Island in Canada, their efforts (U.K) leave much to be desired as does the removal of a biological answer to the mystery of the Corkscrew Killer in the U.K"

The Challenge

Underwater Thrills is officially offering a fine bottle (signed) of 2005 Floodplain Proprietor Red from Napa Valley, California to any U.K researcher who can prove without a doubt that the Corkscrew Killer is in fact a man made object or machine.

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