Monday, April 26, 2010

MTV and Sharks - Bumper?

Not sure where to go with this one. Nicely done as far as Euro spoofs go, but a white shark?

Alison Kock has a point - South Africa

When you start a major media piece about shark diving with the following observations, nothing good can follow:

GANSBAAI, South Africa — Jaw gaping with razor-sharp teeth bared, the great white shark launches after the tuna bait and smacks into the metal cage holding a row of wetsuit-clad tourists.

That's the beginning of an article this week about shark diving in South Africa. Fortunately shark researcher Alison Kock was there to make a point, a very good one:

"From a scientist's side, our main issue with the industry is irresponsible practices. We support the industry as long as it's respectful of the sharks, it treats them well, and people get an educational and informative trip."

The shark diving article is here, and is filled with the usual media hype and quotes.

Glad to see Alison bringing the conversation to a pro-shark, pro-industry level. Thanks.