Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Minneapolis Shark Invasion!

If you happen to live in Minneapolis, first of all, our condolences to you. Second thing we wanted to say was, "Stay out of Minnehaha Creek, it's teeeming with Bull Sharks!"

No kidding, and you can file this one under WTF!?. According to this article we found on the Internet (and you have to believe everything you read on the Internet) there's something really sharky about this spring fed creek.

After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, a report by Gulf marine scientists had warned that the enormous amount of pollution back-flushed into the Gulf of Mexico would cause many species of marine animals to either relocate or perish."

So a team of divers goes down and discovers this female Bull Shark under the ice, and still alive.

This, hands down, wins the "bizzare shark story of the week"...of course this could also be a very amusing Underwater Onion-
Minnehaha Creek?

Georgia Aquarium-Calling Bullshit!

Let us be the first of what will probably be many people, eco-groups, and divers to call "Bull-Shit" when we see it.

Recently, the Georgia Aquarium announced to one and all-real live scuba diving experiences and snorkeling experiences with their much coveted Whale Sharks...part two.

You see, the first set of Whale Sharks they had in captivity died mysteriously and they just Fed Ex'ed in another set a few months ago.

Look, this is not the way to run an aquarium, and the good folks in Georgia should know this. Whale Sharks are a unique and amazing shark species. While we are all for wild encounters with these critters, aquarium dives are just plain wrong.

Fact: If you cannot even keep the Whale Sharks you have alive for more than a year, then you absolutely shouldn't be charging "Scuba Yabbo's" to go dive with them.

We had a feeling that something like this was going to happen, after all this corporate aquarium is sponsored by the Home Depot, and what do they know about sharks?