Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shark Tech-UW Text Messaging

Let's file this one under bad idea. The world of SCUBA has too many gadgets, gizmo's and well meaning bell-wiz-modo's for our tastes here at Underwater Thrills.

What ever happened to the old school days of a raggedy BCD, a good dive knife, and enough air to last maybe 30 minutes? THOSE were the days of diving my friend.

Now along comes this little number that will allow you to "text message" your dive buddy with the following message "there's a shark behind you!"

If the company that made this device has not realized it yet-text messaging is a pox on humanity. It eats up time, most text messages are pretty boring, and frankly if you're a diver we cannot see anyone spending the ten minutes to type out a message to a basic point underwater.

Anyway, here's the link to the blog Slash Gear in case you need another piece of plastic electric garbage attached to your gear this year.

Oh, and this WILL set you back $1300