Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aussie kills Great White Shark in self defense?

According to a report in "The Daily Star" a tuna diver killed a 6 meter long (19.8 ft) great white shark. The article states:

"It was either the shark or him. South Australian tuna diver, Dean Stefanek, 38, battled a 6-meter shark for 30 minutes and lived to tell about it.
Although, he said he regrets having to kill the massive White shark, he said he felt it was either the shark, or him.
He said he volunteered to jump into a tuna pen to try to kill the injured shark."

Now this is complete rubbish. If the report is accurate, how could it have been the shark or the diver, since he is saying that he volunteered to jump into the tuna pen to kill the shark. Since he wasn't in the water to begin with and jumped in specifically to kill the shark, he can't exactly claim self defense!

Martin Graf
Shark Diver

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