Monday, September 26, 2011

Venice Beach White Shark Video - Catch and Release

"A baby great white shark got caught with a fishing pole from Venice Beach pier. The locals brought it to shore, took out the hook and set it back out to sea."

Hat Tip: The Paxton Brothers for the video discovery.

Fiji Shark Fin Hub in the Crosshairs

Thanks to Mike aka Da Shark in Fiji for the heads up and this weeks great news about shark fin hubs.

As it turns out shark fins are harvested all over the Pacific region and transshipped to Fiji for sorting, packing, and shipment to China.

It's big business, to the tune of 100 metric tons a year. As Mike points out "that's a whole lotta sharks".

Naturally PEW and the Coral Alliance are behind this latest effort to curb the shark fin trade.