Saturday, January 9, 2010

Google Oceans - RTSea Productions

RTSea Productions spent 2009 deep inside Google producing a series of pro shark tourism and pro conservation media pieces. Richard Theiss is well known in the industry as a competent story teller and filmmaker who seeks to portray sharks in a natural setting, without the added media hype often associated with these magnificent animals.

He was the driving force behind film Island of the Great White Sharks a film that remains the only serious investigation into shark tourism and ongoing research at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. He was also the primary shooter on an award winning television series featuring Isla Guadalupe in Mexico in 2009.

His latest video shows that there's much more to Isla Guadalupe's shark ecotourism than just an exciting adventure. Sharks are critical to maintaining a balanced marine ecosystem, and responsible ecotourism enlightens people to the threats sharks are facing today and the need to protect them.

To learn more, visit Google Earth's new ocean layer or visit RTSea Productions.

Vote for Imaging Foundation in Chase Competition

There are a few dedicated groups out there who could use funding to do amazing PSA's and conservation work for the oceans.

This is why we support Imaging Foundations drive to win the Chase Bank competition for conservation funding.

Join them this month and create your own Wave Rave to celebrate the oceans and VOTE for their funding by Chase.

Your vote will make a world of difference to the oceans.

iDive Sharks - Shark Imaging Festival

One of the smartest web roll outs and concepts for the shark diving industry in 2009 was, without a doubt, Mark Thorps iDive Sharks.

We have been big fans and supporters of this site from it's inception.

At long last a place exists on the Internet where sharks, commercial shark diving, and underwater imagery intersect on a platform where shark people can feel at home. Brilliant.

In tandem with Underwater Videography iDive Sharks is running the first of many Underwater Imaging Festivals open to the public with a first prize of a free expedition to Isla Guadalupe in 2010 with Shark Diver.

We are proud to support innovation in the industry and sites that promote our industry in positive ways. Kudos to Mark for his site and here's wishing him a successful 2010.

Patric Douglas CEO