Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chris Fallows - Hats off to amazing!

When the Sardine Run is "on" it is the greatest show on earth and industry veteran Chris Fallows was there to document it this month in a series of stunning images.

Chris and wide Monique are shark diving industry veterans, industry innovators, and all round nice folks.

Word on the street he'll be on this years Shark Week with something special and it's about time too, as we have not seen him work his shark magic for a few years now.

Anyone remember the stunning slow motion white shark footage from a few years back?

For more on Chris and his latest sardine adventure read Pete Thomas Blog.

The 30-Mile Dive with Scott Cassell - Support Today!

I want to produce a 3-D documentary chronicling my world record attempt this Fall as I swim from Catalina Island to Los Angeles Harbor UNDERWATER in a non-stop 24 hour SCUBA Dive using state-of-the-art systems to explore this frontier of inner space. During the dive I will attempt to gather important scientific information including a search for the last of the sharks in the area.

Topside, we will follow the ups and downs of making such a dream a reality. This includes; the physical demands, developing our own technical innovations, the explorer's mind set, and the final outcome with discoveries/insights.

Underwater, state-of-the-art 3D technology allows the viewer to experience firsthand the personal side of this journey.

The 30-Mile Dive is a celebration of what we can achieve when working in harmony with our surroundings while pushing the limits of what we think is possible.

All donations are tax deductible through our non-profit Undersea Voyager Project. Funds raised will be used in the building, purchase or rental of all necessary equipment,the support of the team during filming, pre-dive training and travel, all editing and creation of the documentary and copies, public relations outreach before, during and after the dive, all insurance, promotional products for sale or reward use, and all other costs associated with the attempt.

All findings from the 30 Mile Dive will be freely given to the public via YouTube, the Undersea Voyager Project website, media releases and through public speaking.

Support the project here.

RTSea on TOPP's - Brilliant Research

The RTSea Blog has full coverage on TOPP (Tagging of Pacific Predators) findings this morning.

Great reading and first rate research.

If you were curious about Pacific white shark movement data here it is.

In California, many people involved in ocean conservation are familiar with the ground-breaking work of Dr. Barbara Block and the program she started, TOPP (Tagging of Pacific Predators). Using various types of telemetry and satellite tags, the TOPP crew has tagged a variety of ocean animals, from sharks to tuna, to turtles and more. Doing so has enabled them to determine many of the key migration routes these predators take - quite often of a seasonal nature, traveling great distances back and forth between key locations year after year.

After 10 years of tracking using over 4,000 tags and accumulating data from over 23 different species, TOPP has released a final report of its findings in conjunction with the Census for Marine Life, published online in Nature. The report shows that migration patterns play a very crucial role in the lives of many ocean predators. Writing in the Washington Post, Julie Eilperin repeated TOPP's description of the eastern Pacific Ocean as being akin to Africa’s Serengeti, teeming with wildlife and crisscrossed by migration corridors used by sharks and seabirds. Two currents play a key role in the migrations: the California Current - which stretches from western Canada all the way south to Mexico - and the North Pacific Transition Zone - which travels east and west between the sub-arctic and subtropical water.

Complete post here.