Monday, January 12, 2009

Brady Barr - Wild Animal Productions Gone Wrong

Brady Barr? You remember him don't you. Perhaps the most amusing Man vs..."what the hell am I doing in this guano encrusted bat cave attached to a wonking great snake" video that we have seen in a while.

In case you missed it here it is again his increasingly frantic screams as an angry snake chomps into his backside makes this an instant classic.

Kind of reminds us of Mustafa in Dr.Evils Flame Pit "I have a very...bad...burn."

These days Brady is taking his expert wildlife persona into the underwater realm as witnessed by his recent exciting encounter with what looks to be a gravid Tiger shark (click image for full horror).

Unfortunately Brady's producer forgot to untie the shark and tilted this image to look like Brady is swimming with the animal instead of clinging to it upside down as his air bubbles float up to the surface. Naturally this image left us wondering...what's the bloody point?

Let us be the first, like the wide eyed child who once shouted with pointed finger, that indeed, the "Emperor had no clothes."

We can do better than this. We have to do better than this!

Shark Conservation Messaging-Home Run

Got this today from Jeremiah Sullivan owner of Neptunic Shark Suits he really needs to get his own blog:

Shark Project is a German shark conservation organization.

They are also brilliant eco messengers. In tandem with Young & Rubicam they have come up with a POS that, in our humble opinion, is flawless.

Once you open this letter you get the following message "congratulations you just finned a shark".

Count us in for a $50.00 donation.

Shark Free Marinas, Bahamas

We are proud to announce the Bimini Sands Resorts participation in the Bahamas Shark Free Marinas Initiative. In the world of shark conservation there are "willing participants" and then there are those rare few who become invested in the success of a conservation endeavor.

Bimini Sands Resort is one of these. Taking the initial proposed sign design and adding some great modifications to it they have produced what we feel is the strongest message a marina can make in the Bahamas region against the killing for sport of sharks. With the spectacular death of a pregnant Tiger last year the timing could not be sooner.

Kudo's to them for this effort. A quick look at their blog tells the whole story this week.

Thanks to Duncan Brake who works at the Bimini Biological Field Station and who re-worked the graphic for the signs.

Shark conservation efforts always start with an "idea" but it take an organic effort to make the necessary changes in any region. Leading the charge in this region is Bimini Sands Resort.